The Montessori method of education is a child centred approach to learning that seeks to develop a child's natural interests and abilities.

Maria Montessori was a scientist, a free thinker, an orator, an educational visionary and perhaps most importantly, a champion for children. The first woman to qualify as a medical doctor in Italy, she pioneered an approach to education that focuses on a child’s innate desire to learn and their immense capacity to absorb information when given the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace.  Children learn through their own experiences, responding to their natural curiosities and exploring the world around them through self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.   The Montessori method emphasises learning through all five senses, not just through listening, watching, or reading  -  it's learning by doing.

Ours is a child-centred holistic approach which aims to develop the whole child – cognitively, physically,  emotionally and socially - through a beautifully prepared environment where children choose, try and do things themselves,  supported by the close attention and guidance of our experienced teaching team.   

Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-belief, and a lifelong love of learning. It is no coincidence that some of our modern culture's greatest innovators (including the two founders of Google) have had a Montessori education.